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Troll Princess


A folklore inspired exploration puzzler.


Once upon a time, a little girl was born. What the little girl did not know, was that one night a stranger would take her away and instead leave another newborn in her crib. The little girl was brought deep into the woods, where she would end up living for many years to come. What she never knew was that the princess of the Trolls had taken her place with her birth family, and she had taken hers. Years passed and she grew up amongst the Trolls, until one day she wandered off. Feeling that once she had left she could not return, she went on a journey to discover the world outside the woods. On her way out she faced challenges, but received help to overcome these from the spirits that roam the forest.


Get creative with how you handle the mobile device in order to solve the puzzles.

Trollskogen is the journey of a young woman that takes place over the four seasons and how they appear in the Nordics. In each chapter you discover animals that live in the Nordics, such as deers, bears and foxes. In order to discover these animals and to proceed, each chapter contains a small puzzle to solve.


Night freckles

Move the stars, rotate the moon to shine in certain paths, or move the walls of a labyrinth. Don’t be limited by what you can interact with, make use of your surroundings.

This is a mobile game which incorporates tilt, rotation, touch and drag. It encourages playfulness when it comes to how the player interacts with the device.



Find out what is causing you to escape from the woods.

Throughout the story, the player is trying to escape the woods where the main character has been trapped for the past 17 years. The end goal is to reach the human world and the castle where she was born, and it is also there where she meets the troll child that she was switched out with at birth.


Baby Nyponros

Discover Nordic story-telling from our childhood.

‘Trollskogen’ (or ‘Troldeskoven’) are the mystical woods found in Nordic fairy tales, and in them live the forest people (‘Skogsväsen’ or ‘Skovvæsner’). Trollskogen is inspired by the Nordic fairy tale “Bortbytingarna/The Changelings” with an influence by the artwork of illustrators John Bauer, Kay Nielsen and Elsa Beskow.


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